Supporting Manufacturing SME's

A competitive edge?

We believe that manufacturing SME's are missing out on a real opportunity to provide themselves with a competitive advantage, by reviewing how they manage their supply chain.


The level of spend within their supply chains, which is likely to be greater than 50% of turnover, is more than significant.  


The cost impact of this spend on production is even greater.

Your Opportunity 

  • Focused improvements to create value from the supply chain

  • Strategies to increase profits, productivity and reduce risk

  • Dedicated resource to implement the strategies

  • Demonstrate increase value to customers by

    • Demonstrating that you are mangling their risk

    • Both the above are especially important when tendering public related procurement tenders​


  • Show customers how you control costs within your business

And the benefits?

  • Transform the management of the supply chain

  • Transform the effectiveness of the procurement

    • Increase value added - less transactional​

  • Reduce Costs - what would a 5% improvement mean for you?

  • Improve supplier relationships - Create a framework for collaboration

  • Support to deliver productivity improvements

  • Suppliers engaged to help solve your problems

  • Supply chain risks identified and mitigated

    • Reduces risk of impact to your brand​

  • Supply chain contracts implemented and managed


Knowledge & Simplicity

Procurement can be seen as complex; lots of tools, spreadsheet based, powerpoint crazy and generally an inward looking function. 


We are the only procurement services business in the UK that:


  • focuses purely on Manufacturing and Engineering

  • specialise in manufacturing operational and capital costs

  • understand the issues a manufacturing operation faces

  • understand the impact of poor quality and service on production

  • know how to deliver operational improvements within a manufacturing environment

  • know where the real risks are within your supply chain

  • has extensive network of decision makers within the supply chain

Our Approach

At APS we:-

  • talk the same language as finance and operations

  • bring people together in Alliance

  • we project manage the whole process

  • understand the supply chain

  • use simple but effective toolkits

  • keep you engaged in every step of the process

  • enable you to make the right decisions, by providing the data!

  • take an unbiased approach to suppliers

Our focus

We manage the procurement management lifecycle

  • Cost Management

  • Risk Management

  • Contract Management

  • Supplier Relationship Management

Below are a few areas of spend we focus on


  • Cutting Tools

  • Grinding Wheels

  • Cutting Fluids

  • Oils & Lubricants

  • Chemicals

  • Coatings

  • Machine tool maintenance

  • Capital Expenditure

We focus on anything related to your manufacturing process.

Effective procurement for your competitive advantage


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