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Taking control of your spend can have a major impact on the performance of your business, but all too often the focus is on growth and other business issues.  Yet, some focused activity on costs can see them reduced by 10%-15% or more.


Reviewing your spend data can provide some real insight into the hidden opportunities to reduce your costs.  Taking an holistic view of where, who, what and quantity can reveal some real opportunities to enact upon.


But as an SME, having the resource, capability and strategy to unlock those hidden opportunities can be lost due to day to day business pressures.  From new customer quote estimating, to PO raising, to managing supplier quality and delivery issues to managing payment issues can remove any capacity to make a truly great impact to your bottom line.


Yet, customer pricing pressures, political and economic pressures, rising commodity costs and the inability to manage those costs mean that your margins are squeezed leading to a negative impact on your bottom line.


Our focused Cost Reduction Programme can assist you and your business, allowing you to focus on the day to day running of the business, while we set about reducing your costs.

Spend Analytics

Cost Reduction

Improvement Diagnostics

The Improvements and expertise you will receive

  • Target 10% – 15% cost reduction
  • Unprecedented insights into your spend
  • Improved supplier capability
  • Improved procurement capability
  • Improved supplier collaboration
  • Full programme management
  • Our expert resource and knowledge
  • Access to our extensive network

Our costs mean that you get a high return on your investment, effectively meaning our costs come for free!

Pricing plans to suit you…

Data into Insights


Established – Flat rate fee and zero percentage on savings


Growth – 25% saving on Established Flat Rate, plus 10% of savings made


Foundation – 50% saving on Established Flat Rate, plus 25% of savings made


*Percentage savings based on first 12 months only – nothing to pay from month 13!

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Book a free no obligation discovery session online with us now!

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