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Wylde Connections is committed to accelerating business growth through a range of business solutions with strategic marketing communications at the core.


Every business, large or small, has different needs. We spend time getting to know your company, how your teams work and which markets you operate in so that we can tailor our solutions to suit you and where you are in your journey at any given time.


So, whether you need a full blown strategic marketing campaign, some bespoke training or access to self-directed online learning programmes, we are here to help. And our team of consultants, associates and partners are always on hand to provide that little extra support to guide you along the way to success.


Contact: to learn more or telephone: 01926 754061


In today’s highly competitive environment, it’s imperative you, your team and business run like clockwork. If you’re not, someone somewhere is going to come along and do it better. That’s the nature of competition.

Whether you are looking to grow or stay as you are, at the end of the day you are in business to satisfy customers, make money and be profitable. Anything that stops you from achieving that will be costing you money.


Tel:  0330 311 2820

We are a business growth strategy company, working with clients to take a medium to long term view of their business.  Creating a vision for the business that achieves the leaderships teams ambitions, and helping to turn that into reality.



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OpusView will optimize team coordination and working, simplify communication, and provide instant visibility of project costs and risks. With OpusView achieve outstanding results with improved project monitoring and control.






Tel: +44 (0)7768 392705

Effective procurement for your competitive advantage


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