1st Monthly Newsletter​

Launching our 1st monthly newsletter to keep our network informed of the value we are adding to our clients and latest business developments

Delivering Value to our Customers

Great start to the New Year. Working with clients to deliver real value to their business.

Currently reviewing opportunities across cutting tools, Machine Tool Maintenance and various indirect spend opportunities. One of those projects has a huge potential saving and we are working with our client to agree the cost model and business case.

We are also working with a client to map out a cost reduction strategy and implementation plan over the next 2 years. The devil will be in the detail as we agree how we manage spend which has been untouched for over 3 years!

A cost reduction workshop event is being held with a client this week where we are engaging those at the forefront of the products being manufactured to highlight wastes in processes & spend to reduce costs. An implementation will then be developed.

Business Developments

We are working with Project Enscite, to develop a plan for our business. We know we have a great service to provide our clients, but this is great support to help us create the opportunities and grow our business.

Elsewhere we are working to trial various software with the aim to enhance the service offering to our clients. Our mission is to provide a fully integrated cloud based business to provide visibility, transparency and real-time information to our clients. Watch this space for further information.

What coming next?


  • Cost reduction workshop

  • Kick off event

  • Close out a contract

  • Develop 5 other contracts

Business Development

  • Attend Southern Manufacturing show

  • Attend a GTMA event

  • Grow network

  • Meet accountant!!


  • Lose more weight!!

  • Get funding for home extension!! New business owner = I don't exist for high street lenders!!!

  • No 1 priority, wife and daughter! xx

Contact Us today and discuss with us how we may be able to help your business.

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