March Newsletter​ - Delivering Value

Demonstrating Value to our clients

February was a great month for APS, as several client projects progressed as planned, but they also demonstrated the real added value of the services provided by APS. We also progressed in our business development activities which continue at pace on all fronts!

Delivering Value to our Customers

One MTM project for a client has demonstrated the following potential improvement: -

  • 2% increase in available hours

  • (Equivalent of 16 weeks extra machine availability)

  • Improved service provided by new supplier

  • Increased data capture

  • Development of long term strategies based on data

We are now working with our client to complete due diligence.

We have worked with potential alternative cutting tool suppliers on behalf of a client to identify any potential process improvements.

  • 33% increase tool life based on initial trials

Work is now scheduled to complete representative trials for comparison against incumbent supplier tools. But huge potential savings could be made.

A cost reduction workshop event was hosted by APS for a client and a list of ideas submitted by the shop floor team has been collated. Key findings are: -

  • No single large ideas but cumulative small ideas that can make an impact

  • Most ideas easy to implement

  • Some will require long term planning or cannot be implemented

  • Small details matter to those that manage the process every day!

Next steps are to implement the “get on and do!” ideas and provide feedback to all participants. Due to the success of this workshop, talks are now in progress with the client about how this can be rolled out across other sites. But it was great for APS to get out on the shop floor and engage with the “coal face””, so many more ideas discussed but not formally submitted!

Business Developments

APS attended with the Southern Manufacturing show and attended an event hosted by GTMA.

Discussions are already underway with new contacts from these events which will hopefully lead to future opportunities. But it was also great to catch up with some old faces from our network at the Southern Manufacturing event, and we look forward to seeing them again.

Already this month, APS attended their 1st Midlands Aerospace Alliance annual conference, which was hosted by Rolls-Royce.

A great event, again meeting new people which will be built upon soon but also catching up with more familiar faces.

But the event certainly provided food for thought for the membership and that includes APS. There were certainly some common themes and watch this space to see how APS can provide the support manufacturing SME’s require as they plan for the outcomes of Brexit and cost pressures due to increasing prices.

What coming next?

March will see projects above progressing on all fronts, as we continue our journey to provide exceptional value-added services to our clients.

We shall also be working on the output of our initial assessment from Project Enscite to build plans that ensure we meet our growth plans.

On a personal front, our Feb newsletter shared some personal goals too! Success achieved here too:-

  • Another ½ stone in weight shifted (1 ¾ stone so far)

  • Home improvement funding close to being in place

  • My daughter now has her princess bedroom! Daddy excelled in his painting skills!!

Next steps, more weight loss, home improvement planning and of course making sure work life balance is maintained!!

Contact us today and discuss with us how we may be able to help your business.

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