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Investing in supply chain processes that will improve the accuracy of operations is a no-brainer.

The supply chain is at the heart of business operations. However, it is often affected by many challenges and securing greater operational efficiencies is an age-old battle for supply chain and logistics companies. However, industries across every sector are now demanding increased accuracy – in order to drive cost efficiencies, maximise productivity and ultimately, improve customer service – as companies fully realise the benefits that this factor can hold. Accuracy is a hugely valuable business metric that mustn’t be overlooked, and its importance only increases within the digital supply chain.

A 2019 report from Accenture found 70 per cent of industry professionals surveyed believe the supply chain is becoming increasingly important in delivering better quality customer service in 2020.

One such process that is crucial when it comes to providing excellent customer service is inventory management. By getting this right, supply chain businesses will have the ability to track resources and ensure they are appropriately stocked for the demand predicted, and that stock levels can be relayed along the chain – for example, so a consumer can’t order a good online that is not actually available. This is key to meeting evolving customer demands for exceptional service.

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