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[Free webinar] How to deliver effective supply chains: increase productivity, profit and resilience

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures, as supply chains world and sector-wide continue to slow down, take on totally new directions or even grind to a halt.

In just a few short weeks, manufacturers have had to overcome challenges on a scale they’ve never encountered before or had the time to anticipate and plan for.

Widespread supply chain disruption has forced the entire world to think, act and react differently

We’ve all seen how some manufacturers have been able to respond to the massive demand for face masks, ventilators and hand sanitiser by switching their outputs specifically to plug the gaps to keep our nation’s coronavirus patients alive and our key workers safe. Under Armour, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dyson and General Motors are among the notable company names to have pivoted their operations to respond to the global appeal for help. But let’s also note that there are hundreds of small manufacturing and engineering companies feeding into the supply chain. Up and down the country SMEs are machining components for ventilators, 3D printing Full Face Protection masks, and sourcing PPE and hand sanitiser solution in bulk quantities. Here in our base in the Midlands alone, we can name a growing number of SMEs heroically rising to the challenge.

Widespread challenges = widespread opportunity

Yes, these are unprecedented times set against a backdrop of uncertainty, but it is also a prime time for manufacturers to review and refine all aspects of their operations, particularly procurement, to:

· Get through the current crisis

· Make sure they become even stronger as the economy starts to recover

Whether you do this as you adapt your supply chain and ways of working to cater for current demand or do it ready for when your doors open again, there are lots of opportunities, ready and waiting for manufacturers to take advantage of.

How do we know?

We know, because we work closely with manufacturers and their suppliers and customers every day, and we’ve experienced, first-hand, how they’ve been able to adapt to the current situation through collaborating, innovating and focusing on the right aspects of their business.

It isn’t easy to identify and implement changes without experiencing some degree of supply chain risk, so to help you avoid this, we’re going to be discussing the importance of spend in facilitating that journey.

We’re sharing our insight with you – for free

We’ve partnered with the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, to deliver a free webinar ‘Delivering Effective Supply Chains: Increasing Productivity, Profit and Resilience’ to show manufacturers how to survive the current climate and go on to thrive.

Taking place from 10am until 10.45am, we’ll talk you through how to understand your spend data, the impact it has on your business and how to use it to:

· Mitigate supply chain risks

· Reduce costs

· Improve productivity

· Understand which suppliers to work collaboratively with

What you’ll learn during the 45 minutes

Those who take part in the webinar will come away with an understanding of how to:

· successfully source;

· reduce costs and supply chain risks;

· access supply chain opportunities through effective procurement;

· make sure their procurement teams are adding value where it’s needed the most

· analyse purchasing data and turn the insight into actionable deliverables

To register your place for the webinar, which is open to everybody (East Midlands Chamber and non-Chamber members), simply complete the short form on this page - Click Here

We’ll also be providing free support to help manufacturers implement the actions after the webinar.

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like further help or advice, please contact us on 0330 311 2601 or info@apsuk-ltd.com.

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