Making your data easy

Typically you will have lots of reports or spreadsheets full of numbers that you spend hours trying to interpret into something you understand.


Searching for the intelligence that informs your business decisions which you can action to drive down cost, improve productivity and even reduce your key supplier risks.

This is a painful experience, and can lead to people believing they have poor data or even not trusting that data.

All of this hinders your ability to focus on the right areas for the biggest benefit.

Data into Insights

With our procurement intelligence analytics you can now view your data in a way that you have never seen before.

Enabling you to spend less time analysing and more time managing. 


Empowering you to make smarter decisions based on the insights you glean from your visualised data.

Your insights will help you reduce costs, improve supplier risks, improve productivity and enable greater collaboration.

Data how you want it

Configurable charts, dashboards and reports that enable you to present and understand your data in a way that suits you best.

Giving you full visibility on your procurement data, with the ability to instantly delve deeper through your numbers with full interactive capability.

Providing even richer insights through multiple layers of information.

Empowering you

Walk into any meeting knowing you have the data to impress and drive action through the insights you have.

Demonstrate where your spend is by country, or how much you are spending by each spend type/category.

Use some simple metrics to show how you could reduce costs through supplier consolidation, or even increase suppliers to de-risk your supply chain.

You can even show that you can improve purchasing admin burden by reducing the number of purchasing transactions.

Nobody can argue with good data that everyone understands!!

Discover how you can unlock the mystery of your numbers

Contact us today to book a discovery session or understand more about how we can help you visualise your data.

Effective procurement for your competitive advantage


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