Visualised data

APS is a business dedicated to leading the adoption, and daily use of digital technology (spend/procurement analytics) to embed/optimise resilient sustainable supply chains.


Full deployment of APS digital solution provides a powerful real time data capture and data analytics solution, allowing companies to optimise / re-engineer existing supply chains networks.


Concise visual reporting and forecasting capabilities eliminate waste and optimise inventory and cash management. APS i-QMN solution provides a clear visual representation of supply chain transactions and behaviours, this level of trusted transparency allows process owners effective risk management, traceability and verification.


The i-QMN platform enables the supply chain to leverage and visualise capacity and quality performance/availability enabling the creation of more resilient supply chains. Coupled with the enablement of hosting industry accreditation, certification and policies which provide the platform for upskilling and building sustainable and resilient supply chains by enabling the assessment of economic, environmental and social factors.

Spend Analytics

Cost Reduction

Improvement Diagnostics

What do my numbers tell me?

Using lots of reports or spreadsheets full of numbers?


Spend hours trying to understand data?


Need the intelligence to make sound business decisions from?


Believe you have poor data or don’t trust it? 


Feels painful?


How do you know where to focus to reduce costs and risks in your supply chain?

Making your data easy

Want configurable dashboards, charts and reports that enable you to present and understand your data in a way that suits you best?


Want full visibility on your procurement data, with interactive capability to instantly delve deep into your numbers?


Want richer insights through multiple layers of information?

Data into Insights

View your data in a way that you have never seen before!


Spend less time analysing and more time managing!


Your data cleaned allowing easier analysis


Empowering you to make smarter decisions!

Insights to benefit

Reducing costs


Improving Risks


Instant analysis


Saving time


Greater collaboration



Spend Analytics

Cost Reduction

Improvement Diagnostics

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