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A recent study has shown that if a 15% saving can be made in total manufacturing overheads, it can lead to an 8% improvement in profitability.

A business spending £3.2m would save £0.48m!


Even if a 5% saving in manufacturing overheads can be a achieved this would still improve profitability by over 2.5%.  


This would still represent a £0.16m saving.

Price rises impacting your profitability too?  Contracts expiring and at risk of price hikes?  Do you know if your contract is expiring?


Focusing on the right productivity improvements, can yield massive benefits.  Where there is a bottleneck, what would an extra 5% capacity on a machine tool provide?



And what would you do if your supply chain failed?  Imagine not being able to meet customer delivery requirements!!!  What is the cost of that to your business?

Working in Alliance

We work with our clients to understand their strategy and the challenges they face within their business, and ensure the right supply chain strategies are deployed to help them improve and develop their areas of weakness.

We continuously meet and exceed our clients expectations, who are often surprised by what value a procurement function can add to their business.

See below some examples of how we achieved this.

Some of our success stories


Savings example 1

(30% saving and 84% productivity improvement)




Risk Management 1

(Catastrophe averted)

Supplier Relationship Management

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